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Transporting a vehicle can be daunting.

When you need a vehicle transported safely and quickly, it’s easy to feel rushed and overwhelmed by just the thought alone. You start to consider things that could go wrong and the total cost of it all.

Can we ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it really can be stressful and overwhelming to be tasked with shipping a vehicle any distance, especially if it’s your first time. Also, it’s completely normal to wonder about the safety and cost of such a trip and no it doesn’t make you hard to please.

We know what it takes to transport vehicles safely and on time. You just need the right partner who will make you feel confident in the entire process of picking up and delivering your vehicle(s).

We have the tools and experience you need. As insured and top-rated auto transportation specialists, our team has worked with thousands of customers just like you – people who wanted and found the confidence to ship any vehicle safely and for a fair price.

Our easy three-step process can help you ship a vehicle to any of the 50 states.

How Does Booking With An Auto Transport Company Work?

It's simple, here are three easy steps to booking:

1). Get An Instant Quote

Get an instant quote for your auto transportation needs and book your order.

2). Vehicle Is Picked Up

We pick up your vehicle.

3). Vehicle Is Delivered

You receive your vehicle.

Four Reasons To Book With One Of The Best Auto Shipping Companies:

Save Your Sanity

Working with CDT Auto Transport ensures a smooth, stress-free auto shipping experience. Don't risk the stress involved working with the wrong auto transporter.

Save Your Time

If you're considering transporting the vehicle yourself or with another shipping company, just know you'll save valuable time working with the experts.

Save Your Money

It's not uncommon to get multiple quotes for auto transportation and we know that there is a wide range of quotes you'll get. Rest assured our prices are not padded.

Save Your Vehicle

Selecting the wrong auto transport company can be a disaster for your vehicle. Choosing CDT Auto Transport ensures a safe, white-glove delivery service.

How Much Do Car Transport Companies Charge?

Auto transportation company prices are typically based on the current market trends for nationwide automotive transport. Your total cost to ship your car will depend on the type of car you’re transporting, where it’s going, the size, condition (or if it’s modified), total distance, transport type (open or enclosed trailers), and lastly, the time of year you book your move.

Don’t forget to check for additional promotions and savings. Get a free quote with our instant car shipping calculator, or call (866) 588-8749.

Size & Weight Of Vehicle

Long and heavy vehicles require special accommodations by car transport companies and because of this, prices vary.

Condition Of The Car

Transporting vehicles that are inoperable require extra tools and labor which can increase the price. If it rolls, steers, and brakes, we can move it.

Type Of Transport

Open transport is the more affordable & standard option for car shipping. Enclosed transport requires specific handling, so prices may vary.

Total Shipping Distance

The further you transport your vehicle, the lower cost you pay per mile. Longer trips have a higher overall price.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can always check the status of your vehicle by calling a live representative at (866) 588-8749. Also, your assigned carrier will communicate with you throughout their trip.

You are allowed to store personal items up to 100 lbs. in a box or a single piece of luggage to fit in the trunk.

An estimated delivery time will be given to you when you place your order. This estimate will give you a window of time for when your car should be delivered. Keep in mind that transit time depends heavily on the moving distance and each trip is unique. Updates on delivery will be provided to you along the way!

Yes, your vehicle is 100% covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance. Additionally, we also have our own contingent cargo insurance for your vehicle. In the event something happens, you’re covered for an additional $250,000 should the carrier’s policy fail to fully cover a claim.

When you place your order, we immediately begin searching our carrier network for a truck to transport your vehicle. We will assign the best one available and provide you an estimated pick-up time. You will be called by the driver to confirm all details ahead of schedule.

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Your Time & Vehicle Are Valuable.

At CDT Auto Transport we know you’re the kind of people who want to trust you can move your car anywhere in the country without having to drive it yourself.

In order to be that way, you need a company that cares for your vehicle as if it were a showroom car. The problem is you don’t know which company to trust with shipping your car which makes you nervous because you want the absolute best for your vehicle.

We believe everyone should have access to a trustworthy auto transportation company near them without having to worry about punctuality or safety.

We know just how much your vehicle means to you and that’s why we offer top-rated auto transportation with world-class communication. Here’s how it works – get a free instant quote and book your pickup date.

A driver will then be sent your vehicle details and will confirm everything with you.

Lastly, your vehicle will be safely delivered and unloaded at your destination, on-time. So get your custom auto shipping quote so you can stop spending valuable time wondering who to trust with your car.